Meeting up with your girlfriend after work

Work has always been essential to human life. it is our source of income to pay bills and buy foods. But other than that we should always have time for our family, friends and specially our loved ones. We should never give all our time to our work and forget our partner in life that is always there for us. Many people are so drawn to their work that they have no time for their lover. And it became bigger problems in most of the couples around the world. Spending time and making an effort to see your partner is kind of big deal. if you love a person, you must have to include them in your day to day schedule. Just like me, who works as an engineer in a big company where my time and attention is mostly needed, I will never sacrifice the time for my girlfriend.

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My girlfriend is the only one who believes in me and supported me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I doubted myself if I can get this career and be on top of the engineers but my girl never leave me alone. She continued cheering me up, keeping awake when I got loads of things to work on and always give her time to me just for me to get where I am now. I do not want to take that for granted, I owe a lot to my girl that is why even if I’m the highest engineer in our firm, I always have time for girl. I and my girlfriend always eat lunch together, I fetched her in her workplace and together we go to our favourite restaurant. Though we only have a little time for lunch, I’ll make sure that at 5 pm I’ve got to see her. I don’t work beyond that time or meet up other people for business purposes.

My time every after work is reserved for my girl. She always wait for me to fetched her, and go around to relax. My girl and I have that same routine for five years now and there is no day I did fail on it. I want to show my girl that I’m still the same person she met and love even I am successful in my career now. I am glad that I did the best of me to be able to meet my girl’s expectation. Loving someone is not just in words, because it’s always important on how you handle your girl. As the sayings goes “actions speaks louder than words”. My love for this woman is unbreakable that is why I always love to fetch her every day and never get tired of it. I promised that I would never change whatever I achieved in life. I am professional when it comes to work but my time and attention is devoted to my girlfriend that is why I always meet her up after work that is how important she is to me.

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