Go Paperless with these 12 Top Mobile Document Scanning Apps

Looking for the top mobile document scanning apps on the market so you can go paperless? Awesome. This is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Check out below the compiled list of top 12 mobile scanning apps.

1. zShot App

Go Paperless with zShot App – the all-in-one photo, video editor, and document scanner of the next generation! The zShot app provides you with a variety of tools and features to make beautiful images, add photo effects, build collages, craft slideshows, and scan documents. And the best component? ZShot is entirely Open! And no subscriptions. And absolutely no commercials! 

Right inside of zShot, discover the Document Scanner app functions! Just a click to scan and digitize all sorts of papers. Smart cropping lets you easily scan your document. It is packed with a complete collection of editing tools so that you can add important notes, highlight messages, attach signatures or cover irrelevant information quickly.

2. Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is a lightweight option for document scanner apps. It features fast processing speeds as well as cloud support for Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. There are options for both PDF and JPEG transformations. That brings to the proceedings a bit of diversity. Some of the other features include a small app size, organizing features, editing options, and more. We also like the quick processing rates, the above-average scan accuracy, and its simple editing characteristics. You can get a lot of the program free of charge or pay $2.49 for the pro version. 

The best scanning app that saves a massive amount of time and money with hassle-free work is Clear Scanner. So, with this amazing free mini pocket scanner app, get your smartphones now and get the scanning done from any part of the world and send the scanned picture to any person anywhere.

3. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner ‘s efficient scanner app. Most of the usual features you’ll find. This includes PDF and JPEG support, document scanning, and some editing functions. It’s also made simpler by cloud printing. The developer also has a working fax sending platform in case you need to fax papers. The free version appears to restrict the amount of documents you can search for. 

The Fast Scanner scans all types of papers, from a receipt to a multi-page book. All scanned documents are exported as an industry-standard PDF file. You can add new pages or delete existing pages inside the PDF format. Email scanned records. Scan any documents and press the ‘Submit’ button. 

The Fast Scanner is configured to run very quickly. The Quick Scanner supports a lot of picture editing choices, so you can make the scanned pictures as easy to read as possible. Scans are saved on your computer as photographs or PDFs.

4. Tiny Scanner

The Tiny Scanner mobile app turns the handset into a scanner and stores documents as either a photo or a PDF file. With it now, you can easily search documents, receipts, records, photographs or just about anything. The scanner app is lightning-fast and available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Tiny Scanner is one of the best paper scanner apps. You’ll find support for most of the essential features. For potential use, documents are preserved, as others, in PDF formats. The app also provides five levels of contrast, a quick search, and support for most of the major cloud storage services. The creators, as well, have a fax program. You can use it to fax documents after making them. It shares a lot of the same features as Simple Scan. Either one ought to be strong enough.

5. TurboScan

TurboScan is a low-key option for document scanner applications. It has all the elementary attributes. Additionally, it comes with perspective correction and page edge detection for more accurate scans. It has a quick processing time and PDF, JPEG, or PNG documents can be saved. It has multi-page support, if you need that, too. The free edition limits you to a three-page, multi-page scan. However, the paid version lifts all constraints. 

TurboScan uses advanced fast algorithms to reliably detect document edges, straighten the documents (correct perspective), eliminate shadows and set a perfect contrast-black on white. TurboScan provides a flexible guide that is easy to use. Get instant single-tap brightness, rotation and color controls all on one screen! TurboScan also supports SureScan, our proprietary scanning mode for sharper scans (especially useful in low-light conditions). SureScan enables three pictures of the same text to be taken by the phone camera.

6. Document Scanner

You also need to scan your different documents many times in a single day. If everything is planned, you will certainly not fail more in that situation. But if the document has to be searched one by one, it would be a disaster for sure. To save you from that circumstance, we will bring you a portable Doc Scanner. With this Doc Scanner, you can search your documents anywhere at any time. 

The Paper Scanner is a scanning all-in-one solution. It has most of the basic features, such as converting PDFs, scanning, OCR support, and others. But, it also has a QR code scanner and picture support. You can then use this to essentially search for anything. It also has a feature to turn on a flashlight in a low-light environment. It ‘s certainly one of the most powerful applications.

7. Fine Scanner

FineScanner might be iOS only, but it turns your iPhone or iPad into a rich document scanning tool. The program can just as easily handle class receipts at the bar or multi-page papers, and the software’s OCR (premium users only) supports 44 different languages (although it doesn’t translate between them). Your resulting file can be exported as an image or as any of 12 different document types, including Office records, PDFs, text files, and more. FineScanner will automatically boost the final image to show text or highlight graphics in order to remove backgrounds from your scans. Plus, everything you save is archived in the app for future use or you can tell FineScanner to save your files to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, and more. The app is free, but it has some pretty cagey in-app purchases, and you’ll definitely want them in order to make use of its best features.

8. Scanner Pro

Think of Scanner Pro as a fast and cost-effective mobile scanning application that makes it easy to photograph and save documents.” It’s not going to raise your eyebrows and make you say,” “Wow,” “except once, but you’re still going to find yourself murmuring a few times,” “Hey, that’s helpful. Scanner Pro (which costs $4.99 and is only for iOS) is a smartphone scanning app at its heart that does it. 

“Images can be easily captured: you can take a picture of a document with a single click and Scanner Pro saves it as a JPG or PDF file, like most of the tools tested here. In fact, a single click is barely required: an auto-capture function allows you to hover your phone over the page and the software finds out which part of the image is really a” text.”

9. Google Drive App Scanner

For scanning documents, the Android Google Drive app has a built-in option. While this tool is not as feature-rich as the other Android scanner applications on this list, it is worth trying because many of us already have the Google Drive app installed on your Android smartphone. 

To find the scanner option in the Drive app, locate the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner and tap on it. New options will be released, including the ‘Scan’ option. You will now have to grant camera permission for the Google scanner function to operate. The tool has easy document crop and adjustment features, color change choices, image quality selector, etc. 

10. vFlat Android Scanner

As its name suggests, the vFlat Android scanner app aims to be your one-stop solution for quick and fast scanning of books and documents. There is a timer option at the end that enables the app to take photos regularly, making the process smoother. 

The 3-second timer works well and gives you enough time to turn the pages with the other side. This way, you do not need to press the shutter button over and over again after turning the pages. 

The scanned pages can be further stitched together and exported in a single PDF document. There is also an OCR alternative, but it comes with a limit of 100 recognitions per day, which is sufficient in my opinion.

11. Smart Doc Scanner

The Smart Doc Scanner has many important features for document scanning. It supports OCR to read text from images in more than 40 languages and also provides spelling tests. You can set page size, allow batch-scanning mode for multi-page documents, and a lot more features. It also comes with crop and zoom functionality to search pages in a better way. 

The document scanner app supports output in almost all popular image formats, such as JPEG , PNG, BMP, GIP, and WebP. It is also compatible with Dropbox , Google Drive, and other cloud storage services. The program does not display ads and offers transactions from in-apps.

12. CamScanner

CamScanner, first released in 2011, is a Chinese smartphone app that enables the use of iOS and Android devices as image scanners. It allows users to scan documents (by using the device’s camera to take a picture) and upload the image as either a JPEG or a PDF. This app is available and is free of charge on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The program is based on a free , ad-supported version of the Freemium model and a feature-added premium version. CamScanner is the best scanning app that can turn your phone into a PDF scanner. Convert photos to pdf files using a fast press. Downloading is Easy! CamScanner enables you to scan, store, sync and collaborate on different content through smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.